Reliability of deliveries is the main component of well built logistic business.

HK Mohill Import & Export Co., Ltd. is the most customer-oriented company which is strictly following the well-known 7R-rule: right product, right quantity, right quality, right time, right place, right customer, right cost.

For this reason our highly qualified specialists develop the individual transport scheme which allows to save time for each client and to minimize expenses, and also to consider all potential risks of storage, loading, unloading and an overload of goods in the course of their transportation.

Philosophy of HK Mohill Import & Export Co., Ltd. is based on high responsibility for our clients and our individual care of those problems that they can solve thanks to our qualified help.

Each client of HK Mohill Import & Export Co., Ltd. can get the widest range of services that unites our general concept ‘first-class service’.